Tattoo Information & Policy

If you don’t find an answer to your question here you can call the studio nearest you or email

Does it hurt?
Yes it does. But it is bearable. Its more annoying than anything else.  Some parts of the body hurt more than others.

Whats the age limit and proof of age?
18 years old in the state of NC. We will not bend on this! You will need a legally recognized form of ID with your picture and birthday. We require this up to the age of 80! Accepted forms of ID- Drivers license, State ID, Passport, Military ID.

Can my parents sign for me under the age of 18 for a tattoo?
Absolutely NOT!

How much does a tattoo cost?
We have a minimum charge for any tattoo work or drawing.  Cost always depends on the amount of time that it will take us to do the tattoo. We will quote you a price on a single session tattoo.  Multiple session tattoos will be charged by the hour. Remember that you should never shop for the cheapest, rather shop for quality. The rule of thumb is Cheap tattoos are not good and good tattoos are not cheap.

Why is there a minimum charge?
All competent tattoo and piercing studios are going to have some type of minimum on tattoos. Unfortunately in our industry anyone can buy cheap tattoo equipment and call themselves a tattooist without any training. This is becoming epidemic. These people never go to the proper lengths and expense to insure your safety. Moreover most are ignorant to safety factors because they simply were not trained in sterile technique and blood borne pathogens. They will use the cheapest and lowest quality equipment and inks that can be purchased.  Tattooing is a side gig for these people and not a true profession. We make our living tattooing , we are here everyday and we go above and beyond to insure your safety.

Do you take credit cards?

Yes, Visa and Mastercard but cash is always preferred.

Do I need to make an appointment to get tattooed/pierced?
We have 3 studios to choose from, so not necessarily. We try to have a walk in artist on a daily basis in each studio. If you need a large scale/custom piece drawn up, you need to come into the shop and leave a deposit to make an appointment. If you only want to get something small on a walk-in basis, chances are you can get it on the spot. Piercing is always on a walk-in basis. Because we take a deposit for appointments, we do not take any appointments over the phone, sorry.

Can I get a drawing done without an appointment?
No, Our artist time is limited and valuable. They have to do many custom drawings on a daily basis that just does not allow time for random drawings. We require a deposit to do any custom drawing and your appointment will be set at this time. We will work with you to get it the way you want it.  After the artist has started work for your drawing the deposit is non refundable.

How do I get an appointment?
Come into the studio, bring references and ideas, and a cash deposit. The deposit will go toward the price of your tattoo.  Unless you are a seasoned client we usually will not set more than six hours.

Should I eat before I get tattooed?
Yes, This will help keep your blood sugar in check. If your prone to fainting this is a good idea. You can also bring a soft drink.

Do you sterilize your needles?
We use only new pre sterilized needles. They come in a sealed pack that will be opened in front of you. They are then disposed of and never used again. All ink used for the tattoo is dispensed into small disposable ink caps and thrown away after each tattoo. Skin Grafix uses a Ritter autoclaves, and all tattooing and piercing equipment is sterilized on the premises. Our sterilizer is tested monthly by an outside laboratory to insure its working properly.

Can I get AIDS from a tattoo?
Not from us you wont!  We use every means available to keep blood born pathogens away from you.

How do I take care of my tattoo?
Each tattooer will give you care sheet with their name on it. If you don’t have this care sheet, just follow these simple instructions:

  1. Leave the bandage on for a 2 hours. When you take the bandage off, wash the tattoo mildly with soap and water, do not scrub. Wash it once a day in the shower in the morning when you get up.
  2. Apply a thin coat of ointment, such as A&D or Aquafor, Use a clean paper towel and wipe off any excess ointment. This will allow your new tattoo to breathe. Do this twice a day.
  3. In a few days you will notice the tattoo peeling or getting a slight scab. Do not pick at it! That means its healing fine. Switch to a fragrance free hand lotion like Lubriderm to keep it moist.
  4. Keep it out of direct sunlight and do not soak it under water for at least 2 weeks, until completely healed.

Why do I have a red rash around my tattoo?
If you just got it and a few days have passed, you are probably putting too much ointment on it. You are clogging your skin and you need to clean it off and let it dry out for a day. If you have further concerns, feel free to call us..

Can my friend/family come back with me?
Generally we will allow a friend or two. We have private rooms and we understand that friends will make a client more at ease. Remember that the artist needs to concentrate so please refrain from a party atmosphere.  Party afterwards!!

Can I get drunk before I get tattooed/pierced?
Absolutely not. Alcohol and drugs simply cause to many problems!

Should I tip my artist/ piercer?
Tattooing is a service industry, Artist get paid exclusively by commission. If they did a good job, please feel free to tip them. That might make your next tattoo hurt a little less!!

We hope this helps! We want your tattoo and piercing experience from us to be a good one, because happy customers are our best advertisement.