About Skin Grafix

The company’s main focus is tattooing, but all Skin Grafix artists work in other mediums such as: oil paintings, charcoal, pencil drawings, ceramics, and stained glass artwork.  We are a group of artists with a full range of talents, whose specialty is keeping customers happy.

Skin Grafix Accomplishments

  • Instrumental in helping to train the North Carolina Department of Environmental Health inspectors on how to inspect a tattoo facility.
  • Skin Grafix has performed several seminars on the educational aspect of tattooing and body piercing at East Carolina University.
  • We have worked with the faculty at East Carolina University by tattooing rats for a NASA project.
  • Skin Grafix has completed a three part segment for a local television station as well as being featured in various newspaper articles about tattooing and body piercing.
  • Garry serves as a mentor to several high school seniors throughout Pitt County, North Carolina.
  • Our artist’s artwork has been featured in some of the major tattoo industry’s magazines.
  • We have participated in various tattoo conventions, and have received many awards for our outstanding artwork.